Sean Kim



Full-Stack Developer

I am a Full-Stack Developer with a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. I have background as a Business Consultant for IBM, Director of Finance for a large church, and Youth Pastor to hundreds of students.

The heartbeat behind all that I do is a desire to listen to the stories and pain points of people and businesses alike and come up with solutions that create positive change. I believe software has the power to do this.

I enjoy bringing together my attention to detail, love for creating things, and passion for changing peoples’ lives for the better. I would love to connect with you sometime!




Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS

Technologies & Frameworks:

React, Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, Three.js, Flask, AWS S3, Stripe API

Database & Cloud Storage:

SQL, PostgreSQL


Jest, Supertest, React Testing Library, Jasmine

Professional Experience

Director of Finance


Westgate Church, San Jose, CA

  • Managed large complex finance-related programs in a church of 3000+ attendees, 40+ staff members, and $9MM+ annual budget
  • Automated significant portions of month-end reconciliations and reduced recon turnaround time by 80%
  • Revamped manual and error-prone budget creation process across 60 departments, eliminating 90% of meetings, increasing stakeholder satisfaction, and accurately completing the process in record time

Software Engineer Intern


Livestack, San Francisco, CA

  • Developed backend endpoints in Express for users to follow one another, pay tips, and add/change default payment methods using Stripe
  • Designed and developed React frontend functionality for users to follow/unfollow one another
  • Created unit and integration tests to increase test coverage for payments and follow/unfollow backend endpoints

Youth Pastor


New Life Vision Church, Vision Community Church, Los Angeles, CA

  • Developed student information tracking spreadsheet app used by staff and volunteers, which led to a 20% increase in student satisfaction
  • Trained and developed a team of 20 volunteers to mentor and empathetically counsel students, while increasing team morale
  • Created and presented motivational leadership and character development content weekly to over 100 students

Business Analyst


Anritsu, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Regularly presented data analysis to executives and influenced business decisions, reducing $400,000 in annual shipping expenses and improving customer service issue resolution turnaround times by 20%
  • Developed VBA programs to reduce time spent creating key reports by 75%, allowing stakeholders to get actionable data on a regular basis

Business Transformation Consultant


IBM, San Francisco, CA

  • Managed the collaboration between end-users and developers to ensure that reporting system development met business requirements
  • Developed complex SQL-based test scripts to validate accuracy of reporting system, and trained incoming team members in SQL
  • Created detailed documentation on business processes and reporting system functional specifications


Full Stack Software Engineering

2020 - 2021

Rithm School, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering

2006 - 2010

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL




React · Express · PostgreSQL

Jobly is a full stack application that allows job seekers to find and apply to jobs posted by companies. Jobly was built using Node/Express and PostgreSQL on the backend. The frontend was built with React.

The app allows users to login, browse and search hiring companies and jobs, and apply to the jobs. It also allows users to edit their profile.

This project used test driven development (TDD) on the backend and gave me the opportunity to think strategically about React component hierarchy design.

Demo | Frontend Github Repo | Backend Github Repo

* Demo may lag at times due to Heroku's dyno sleeping.



React · Flask · PostgreSQL · SQLAlchemy · AWS S3

Friender is an app that allows users to find and make friends based on geographic proximity and hobbies/interests. It was built with Flask, AWS S3, PostgreSQL, and SQLAlchemy on the backend. It also utilizes the Mapbox API. The frontend was built using React.

Once logged in, users are shown potential friends and can like or dislike each potential friend. Potential users are shown based on user-defined distance criteria. Users can also optionally upload profile pictures, which are stored using AWS S3.

This project allowed me to strategically think through app design decisions, including frameworks used, database design, and component hierarchy. gave me the opportunity to think strategically about React component hierarchy design.

Demo | Frontend Github Repo | Backend Github Repo

* Demo may lag at times due to Heroku's dyno sleeping.

* To see seed data in the Demo, it is recommended to set Zip Code to 95125, and Friend Circle Radius >= 10 in the Signup.



Flask · Jinja · PostgreSQL · SQLAlchemy · jQuery · Axios

Warbler is a Twitter clone built with Python/Flask, Jinja templates, PostgreSQL, and SQLAlchemy. The frontend also uses jQuery and Axios. The app allows users to login, follow/unfollow other users, write a tweet, like other users' tweets, and search for users by username.

This app was built off of a semi-functioning clone. The purpose of the project was to read and understand a large codebase and add onto it, fixing bugs along the way. My primary roles were to fix bugs in the user profile, logout, and homepage routes, as well as adding functionality to edit profiles and like a tweet, using jQuery and Axios. In addition, I created thorough unit tests for models and view functions.

This project allowed me to work with a large codebase written by others and taught me the importance of being disciplined in writing tests.

Demo | Github Repo

* Demo may lag at times due to Heroku's dyno sleeping.